Direct Access Program

The Direct Access is a pilot program that allows students immediate access to their course materials in a digital format on day one of classes.

What are the Benefits?

  • Immediate access to course materials
    • Studies show students that obtain their course materials do better than other students who forego or delay purchasing
  • Significantly reduced pricing compared to the purchase of a printed textbook
  • Sustainability in terms of paper utilization versus printed materials

How do students enroll or pay?

  • If it is available for your class, you will automatically have free digital access via Blackboard on day one of classes
  • After the UIC add/drop deadline, you will be prompted to “opt-in” if you would like to keep and pay for the digital access

What if I purchased or rented a printed textbook?

  • If you purchased or rented from the UIC Bookstore and decide you want to opt-in to the digital format, you can get a refund by the add/drop deadline
  • If you prefer the printed textbook, simply do not opt-in to the digital access one the free access period is over

Isn’t Direct Access just another term for course fee?

  • Technically, it is not a course fee
  • A course fee is a mandatory charge once you register for classes
  • Direct Access is completely optional, free access is given on day one of classes, and it is your CHOICE to “opt-in” if you would like to be charge to keep the digital access
    • Not to be confused with “subscribing and opting out” like with Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime

Why isn’t my class in the program?

  • Direct Access is a new program with select classes
  • If successful, the program will expand to more titles soon